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Hoop Detachable

$70.00 $51.99



1. It is suitable for men, women and children. Suitable for the waist and turning the waist for a long time, does not fall.
2. Can be used in a variety of applications, for post-natal recovery, office sedentary, and hoops are also suitable for sports advocates.
3. The hoop exercise can quickly consume body fat and eliminate fatigue.


Product packaging: English packaging
The gross weight of a single product: 1.6KG Size: 32.5*8.5*44cm
The current colors are: Pink, purple
Name: Hoop that won't fall
Material: ABS
Applicable scenes: Running sports, fitness equipment, health massage, fitness and body, sports trends, dance sports
Specifications: 18 knots (waist circumference 90 cm), 21 knots (waist circumference 110 cm), 24 knots (waist circumference 130 cm)

Package Content :

Sport Hoop*1

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Hula Hoop For women
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Hula Hoop For Sale
Hula Hoop For Sale
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